Welcome to Cadhouse 3D Structural Detailers ( 8 Tekla Licenses )

CADHOUSE DESIGN ENTERPRISES cc is a draughting bureau that opened its door in 1991 and offers a draughting

service to a diverse field of engineering and related disciplines.

We specialize in 3D Tekla structure shop detailing, Industrial, Mining, Commercial, etc:

Conveyors (overland & underground), Transfer towers, Gantries, Take-ups, etc.

Head-Gears, Bridges, Towers (MTN/VodaCom/Telkom),  Buildings, Steel structures, etc.

3D modelling done on Tekla Structures (Xsteel) & Shop Detailing with BOM / Bolt lists / Print of 1:1 Templates / etc.

We have 7 licensed Tekla Structure 2021  & 1 Tekla 2024 > 3D programs & Shop Detailing rates are per ton.

We work from engineering drawings, but also can create a 3D TEKLA MODEL from Engineer calculating sheets and/or

Engineer wire-frame drawings. We will then create Lay-out Drawings for the engineer to approve and then finalise the Shop Detailing

This way we can save a lot of time and money on a project.

All drawings get checked in-house before getting issued

Scope of work:
General Arrangements
Assembly Drawings
Parts drawings
Bolt List
Comprehensive Report Lists
Bill of Material
CNC files > Plate Profiling & Beam-lines
3D - Site Scan

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We have the facilities to print / copy / scan drawings A4 to A0 paper size, on our large format colour printer.

Should you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us. Assuring you of our best services & attention at all times